Jumat, 18 Juli 2014

Trainer Pool Live Tour V.1.4. Welcome to Trainer Pool Live Tour V.1.4! The Pool you can play with your Facebook friends! Join the thousands of people already playing this popular multi-player billiard game. Play with your friends and other online opponents from around the world. Collect trophies for your best pool shots!

Langkah mengaktifkan Cheat :
  1. Download Trainer Pool Live Tour V.1.4
  2. Login ke aku Facebookmu
  3. Buka Trainer Pool Live Tour V.1.4 Game (Sampai di lobby)
  4. Buka Trainer Pool Live Tour V.1.4. Pilih Processor yang digunakan (Jika menggunakan browser Google Chrome pilih chrome.exe) kemudian klik Attack
  5. Tunggu sebentar, Klik continue
  6. Klik enable.
Download Trainer Pool Live Tour V.1.4 : DISINI

Sumber : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rox-Giochi-Fb-Trucchi-Hack/341351959326219

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